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Who wants to be a millionaire?

Update: Dear Google traveler – you can download the WWM presentation and fill it out yourself when you read the text :-)]

What should not be missing in any curriculum vitae?


Of course! Once in your life you have to have participated in some trashy TV format. With me it was today so far – I was telephone joker with „Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?“.

When I told my wife about it with a broad chest, she started snorting. „Did he think that through well?“
I punished her with evil looks and preferred to get the admiration from my brother. But also the simste cheekily „For what are you please „specialist“? loool“.

Banausen! What do they already know?
I can speak along with most science fiction series and am familiar with details like the fact that there are 43 ALF radio play cassettes (less than TV episodes) and that the unloved actor of Ensign Wesley Crusher from Star Trek The Next Generation has gained enormously in points through his guest appearances (as himself and Sheldon Cooper’s arch-enemy) in The Big Bang Theory (at least for me). Does anyone else know that you can buy „Klein“ brand beer in Klein bottles in Futurama?

At this point I would like to point out that SPIEGEL justament in two articles has declared Nerd the ruler of the world. And that’s after I tried unsuccessfully last week to tell several colleagues the joke about the spherical chickens in a vacuum – at least a small triumph.

So I got a letter from Endemol – almost like in school – explaining to me what I’m not allowed to do. No aids (Internet, encyclopedias…) for example. Besides, I have to sit alone in the room. And I have to let it ring three times before I answer. I am on call from 5 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.
If I violate one of these rules, the candidate would be disqualified, lose all his money and moreover all my descendants would be cursed up to the 7th generation.

Meticulously I prepared myself for the day. I neglected my entire class, watched the complete first season of Deep Space 9 with the 7s for a flimsy reason and gave 78 lectures on the Nobel Prize winners of the past 50 years in the tenth grade with 22 students. To be completed within 48 hours.

And then I sat there. And sat there. The phone rings. My heart stops and I answer immediately. At the same time it occurs to me that one should let ring three times. With fright I hang up again.

Then I start to think first.

imageThe display reads: „MOTHER IN LAW“. Eieiei. It rings again. The mother-in-law again. I answer the phone, shout „I can’t keep my hands free for Günter Jauch now“ and hang up again immediately.

Then I sit around again. And wait. I imagined how the BILD newspaper would headline the headline „GERMANYS MOST STUPID TEACHER“ after the broadcast, because I had suspected Jean Piaget at 1860 Munich in the central defence.

But nothing happened. Of course I wasn’t called. Pooh. A bit of a pity. But also a little relief. But Holger was called. And tells me on the phone, snorting and laughing, that he had been so nervous and under pressure that he had confused the front with the back and was also completely insecure.

For school I found an interesting implementation of Wer-werd-Millionär on the internet (…and a bit changed). Kindly a reader of this blog provided us with a new implementation of WWM. As a PowerPoint presentation, questions, answers and jokers are so easy to program that even my wife or stupid brother would be able to do it.
Just replace the questions in the table with your own, start the presentation and you’re done. Including the three different wildcards.
This presentation can – for us teachers – of course be used wonderfully to complete a unit playfully. And for students to score after a presentation in class. You can download this here or an alternative version here.