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Disciplinary Problems – Theses and Recipes from Everyday Life

1. Tell me nothing… depending on the discipleship it can affect anyone.

2. the first minute in a foreign class is decisive. What one should not do: Talk to the masses and – because nobody listens to you – write your name on the blackboard.
Better: Stand upright in front of the class and wait until everyone listens and then says your name. Which leads me directly to point 3, which is the supreme commandment:

NEVER talk when it is loud in class or when students speak, even if this means that I may have to wait a long time or interrupt my flow of speech again and again. Students should also be prevented from speaking when others are not listening.

4 If the class does not follow me, I have two options based on my experience:
a) Very tight lessons, which are directed at me, quasi frontal lessons, and let the students work until their heads, hands and what I know smoke. The students must not have any free space to talk or make nonsense. It is work, work, work and zero free space.
b) Station work in which the only thing that matters is what the individual does. This means that the pupils are not given the opportunity to copy or fuddle.
In extreme form this means that each student has a station folder that stays with the teacher. In each lesson the work results are collected and at the end of the series the student gets feedback for his performance by a grade.

If students have no respect for me, do not work and do not listen to me, group work is not possible. GA only works if students follow the teacher’s rules and instructions.

The more important the subject and the more lessons the teacher has in class, the more serious the students take the teacher.

6. extra lessons in the afternoon are always difficult, unless you are a tamer and not a teacher.

7. men who are tall and broad tend to have fewer problems than dainty, pretty, young women. Exceptions confirm the rule.

8. trainee teachers tend to have more problems with discipline than permanent teachers.

9. if you don’t know the names of the children, everything is lost anyway. So: Learn the names immediately – absolutely!

10. only planned and well-structured lessons work. The worse my planning, the worse the children follow. But you notice that immediately.

11 It doesn’t hurt to do anything nonsense if the relationship is right and everyone has realised that I am the leader in my lessons.

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