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The physics of Batman vs Superman

It may be nonsensical to start an action-packed firecracker with the Bechdel test – but since a friend of mine pointed it out to me, I watch movies a bit more critically. In essence, this is what it’s all about:

1) Are there at least two women in the film who have a name?
2) Do the two women talk to each other? (no one-liners!)
3) Is the conversation about something other than a man?


But now to the real thing: BAM! POW! ZAP!

In class, I like to analyze the physics of Superman! Reason enough to include a current action cracker in my lessons: What happens when Superman gets angry…?

Physically, it’s an infinite playground.

The physics of Batman vs Superman 1


The Physics of Hollywood

Movies in physics class?

The physics of Batman vs Superman 2

Whether a ball rolls from a table or Spiderman falls from a house makes no difference from a physical point of view.

It’s time to think about why physics is one of the most unpopular school subjects. „The Physics of Hollywood“ offers teachers and students concrete starting points. Abstract physical terms are linked to the students‘ world: Can Arnold Schwarzenegger really shoot relaxed from his wrist? Could there really be King Kong? What happens during beaming? And how heavy is the incredible Hulk?

In this book, concrete film sequences are addressed and calculated at school level. Each excerpt is precisely localized and connected to the respective film trailer via QR code. In addition, there are detailed solutions for each task.

The „Physics of Hollywood“ is available at Amazon as a paperback: Link.

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